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By Trendnex 2019年6月以前に商業運転が開始日を有するベトナムの太陽光発電所のリスト: ランキング 発電所名 1 太陽光発電所  Phong Phú 2 太陽光発電所 BMT 3 太陽光発電 AMI Khánh Hoà 4 太陽光発電所  BIM 5 太陽光発電所  Bình Nguyên 6 太陽光発電所  HCG Tây Ninh 7 太陽光発電所  Đá...

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Russia delivered the submarine training center for Vietnam


  November 5, the Russian contractor has delivered submariner training center at Cam Ranh bay for the Vietnam People's Navy.

  Center consists of two buildings block. The firths building containing a simulated submarine with 30 separate training equipments and to be connected to a network. The training equipment simulator exact control of the  sailors. The performance indicators, such as depth, speed, target status, the device will use a simulated electronic equipment.

  A second building contains a training device to train the ability of the crew to survive. In this building, the sailors to learn how to handle the haze conditions, fires, and the way out of the ship through the torpedo launchers.

  To simulate the real conditions, the training center has a water tank with a 533 mm torpedo launchers, and increasing pressure. The Vietnam's submariner sailors must be evacuated from submarine training under the supervision of the coach.